Why Bitcoin Will Save the Western World

There’s this bit of motivational BS I’m sure you’ve heard: Opportunity only knocks once.

Total horse hockey.

Opportunity knocks all the time… if you know what to listen for.

The opportunity in question today is tied to bitcoin. Which I know automatically puts some people off because of how volatile crypto is. But please keep reading because this opportunity promises to create meaningful wealth. Better yet, this isn’t a one-and-done, blink-and-you-miss-it opportunity.

The opportunity in bitcoin announces itself every single day that the coin trades anywhere below $35,000. (As I write this, the granddaddy of crypto sits at just under $26,200.)

Now, I could simply tell you the reason I call this an opportunity is because bitcoin will probably see prices in the low-six-figure range over the next 12 to 18 months. Or I could tell you bitcon will ultimately cross the seven-figure threshold sometime before this decade celebrates its conclusion.

But instead, I want to explain the macro conditions that exist which will fuel bitcoin’s rise to those prices…

A Devaluation is Likely In Western Currencies – Namely the Dollar

The Western world is morally bereft, financially speaking. The accumulation of debt—both governmental and consumer—used to occur for real purposes.

The government funded programs to better lives, build the country, and further enormous projects that benefit society. Like the space race … or the Interstate Highway System. Meanwhile, consumers begrudgingly took on debt to build wealth through home ownership. Or to buy a car, which opened the opportunity for them to pursue better-paying jobs farther from home.

Today, consumers mindlessly dive into debt to visit Disney World, or to afford aspirational goods they otherwise cannot afford but buy anyway to pretend they’re something they’re not.

As for government, it long ago gave up any pretense of fiscal responsibility. Government today borrows primarily to buy votes with pork-barrel projects. Or to fund unnecessary and expensive programs that benefit the extremely wealthy. Or that financially felate the lobbyists who immorally shape laws to benefit no one but the special-interest group funding them.

The result is the America we have today: buried under historic levels of debt ($32.7 trillion) that will never be repaid.

Default is all but certain—likely in the form of a devaluation of certain Western currencies, most likely the dollar and the British pound, possibly even the euro.

Which is where bitcoin will shine.

Bitcoin Will Serve as Part of a Basket of Reserve Currencies

For several years now, I’ve been saying that bitcoin will very likely join gold as the asset classes that save the West. In the early days, I was a lonely voice with that view. Now, I’m no longer yelling into a void.

Economists and investment pros/analysts are beginning to raise questions about the viability of the dollar. Moreover, they’re increasingly suggesting that bitcoin could well emerge as part of a basket of world currencies that serve as a unified global reserve currency … or that back the dollar to preserve its quickly dimenishing role as King of the Hill in terms of world trade.

Even a leaked European Union document speaks about global governance taking place on the blockchain. The EU sees “unprecedented opportunities [for blockchain] in many societal areas,” including healthcare, education, and culture. The document notes that “this technological shift also involves new forms of global governance”—such as decentralized autonomous organizations. Bitcoin is certain to play a role in that.

Back in the States, my bet is the U.S. ultimately devalues the dollar (this decade; out of necessity) and ties its value to gold and bitcoin. Doing so would immediately shore up a fundamentally anemic dollar.

In doing so, the U.S. will assign a value to both assets, much like it once assigned a set value to gold at $35 per ounce.

I’m not making some wild prediction. Uncle Sam in the last century twice devalued the dollar amid dollar crises (1933 and 1971). Gold was the lynchpin both times.

This time, bitcoin will play a role too, because it and gold serve no masters and exist in limited quantities. They cannot be manipulated by government mandarins.

All of which means bitcoin prices will rally to levels few people expect.

Which, in turn, means we have an opportunity every day to buy bitcoin before the end game becomes crystal clear.

It’s what I call “the most inevitable trade.” I’m convinced bitcoin—and crypto in general—will completely revamp so much of our daily lives, particularly finance. In fact, that’s the title of a presentation I’m giving at a conference in Denver next month—The Most Inevitable Trade.

I want everyone to understand why those prices are inevitable, so that they can then understand precisely why they need bitcoin exposure … before opportunity knocks one last time, then vanishes forever.

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