Scary to many, opportunistic to others – that’s crypto. I’ve been involved in the space since 2017, as a miner and investor. Today, I own too many cryptocurrencies to count, and a vast collection of NFTs, particularly those are are distributing income to their owners.

As part of my path through crypto, I have become an expert in certain aspects of the industry. I produce investment-focused crypto/NFT newsletters, and serve as communications and NFT expert for a European blockchain. 

As well, I serve as Chief Writer for FOMO magazine, a crypto-centric publication launched in 2023.

Jeffo's Ministry of Alpha

What started in the fall of 2020 as a blog on Medium I began writing simply as a way to counter the vast quantity of mass-media misinformation and outright bullshit about the crypto/NFT industry (written by writers who’ve clearly never owned crypto or NFTs) ultimately morphed into a Substack newsletter, Ministry of Alpha, focused primarily on NFTs as investment and income opportunities. 

In searching out potentially profitable projects, I rely on my decades of investment research as a writer for The Wall Street Journal, and as a trader/analyst for a small-cap hedge fund.

The result is a periodic publication that helps NFT investors understand individual projects, the broader environment in which they operate, and the underlying trends that address a project’s purpose. My aim: To give you another tool to use in analyzing potential crypto and NFT investments.

Target audience: Those with a deep NFT knowledge base, and those who at least understand the mechanics of trading NFTs. This is not a starter publication.

Frontier Fortunes

An offshoot of my Global Intelligence Letter, Frontier Fortunes is a quarterly publication focused on a small, curated portfolio of high-quality large-cap and small-cap cryptocurrencies.

Quarterly issues typically dive deep into a single topic – such as crypto lending – in order to show readers what investment opportunities look like in the emerging world of Web 3. It’s like getting in on the internet boom before the internet boomed.

Regular alerts typically focus on a crypto or NFT project that offers high-return or income potential. Issues are written in layman’s terms and trading strategies are fully explained, often with screenshots to help guide the novice crypto investor.

Target audience: Older or newer investors who want to understand the crypto/NFT space through a series of reports, as well as quarterly publications and regular alerts written for readers who are not necessarily experts. This is a publication for those new to crypto/NFTs.

FOMO Magazine

One of the first magazines explicitly dedicated to the culture of crypto and NFTs – covering everything from The Women of Web3 to degen plays and meme-coin season. Written by crypto fans for crypto fans.

FOMO publishes interviews with NFT artists, covers the latest trends in the crypto/NFT industry, offers deep dives into specific coins, trends, and NFT projects, and explains it all in plain language.

Target Audience: Anyone who’s a fan of NFTs and the crypto space., or who wants an entertaining, magazine-style publication devoted to the crypto/NFT market.

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