The books, newsletters, and screenplays I write, as well as the crypto research I produce, along with samples of my writing and where to buy (if you care to).

My books fall into three broad categories:

* Investing.

* Family Finance.

* Digital Nomad Lifestyle

* Not really “books” but I’m also an award-winning screenwriter


I work as a contract-based freelance writer for International Living magazine, penning travel, visa, and investment stories for the monthly magazine.

I’m also the voice of International Living’s Global Intelligence Letter, a monthly newsletter focused on the big trends driving economies and societies globally – everything from the Commodity Supercycle now underway, to the ongoing threat of inflation, the American Crisis to come, and the emergence of crypto as a legitimate asset category.

Each month, Global Intel dives deep into a single topic to provide subscribers with analysis and understanding they’re simply not going to find anywhere else.

Been involved with crypto since 2017, when I began building Ethereum mining rigs. These days, I write about crypto and NFTs for and International Living quarterly newsletter called Frontier Fortunes, as well as my own newsletter on Substack called Jeffo’s Ministry of Alpha and on Medium (though my Medium page is a secondary outlet behind Ministry of Alpha).

You can also find me regularly jabbering about crypto and NFTs on Twitter and Discord.