Living abroad is easier today than ever because technology fosters our ability to live and earn from anywhere in the world you want to be. However…

That lifestyle requires possession of a residence visa or a second passport in order to live and work in another country. And not all countries are on board with that.

Through my experiences as a digital nomad living and working in Europe, and through more a dozen years of interviewing experts and writing about visa and passport issues, I’ve become an expert myself in obtaining second passports as the various types of residence visas/permits different countries offer up.

If you’re looking for useful information on how to obtain second passports or residence visas, this is the section for you…

How I Can Help You Move Abroad

I’ve spent more than a dozen years writing about, researching, and pursuing second citizenship, second passports, and residence visas in one form or another. I not only write about and research this world, I live it in my day-to-day life.

Since 2018, I’ve been living and working as a digital nomad in Europe – first in the Czech capital of Prague, and now in a quaint beach community near Lisbon, Portugal, where I am now pursuing Portuguese residency and a coveted European Union passport.

I know the ropes from personal experience, and I have deep contacts at the pinnacle of the passport-and-visa ecosystem. As such, I have the tools and contacts to help you decide which countries make the most sense for your situation, and how to navigate the application process from start to finish.

I can either connect you directly with the right people to help you apply for second citizen and second passport programs, or those who specialize in residency visa programs. And if you’re not sure where you should be looking or which countries are best for your needs, I can work with you on fee-basis to help you whittle the list to two or three best options. Click on the appropriate link below…





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