Do you care what electrical adapter I use while traveling through Myanmar or Morocco?

Right – I don’t even care.

Which is why you won’t find me listing a bunch of random shit in my Nomad Gear section. Too many travel bloggers do that – I understand why – but I’m about quality over quantity. I’d rather tell you about the good shit I actually use in my own life rather than any ol’ shit with an affiliate link.

Mine is a limited and exceedingly curated collection of products and services that have made my life abroad more convenient through the years. I’ve segmented this collection into four broad categories: Telecom, Money, Equipment, Documents. Hover over the buttons below to read more about what I recommend for those who want to live, work, travel, and invest overseas.

Chances are I earn a commission if you use the links I’ve provided – though that doesn’t change the price you pay. Of course, you do not need to use these links. No worries if you don’t. But I would appreciate if you do because it helps keep this website viable.

Either way, I’m certain these products and services will benefit your life abroad as much as they’ve benefited mine…