Every digital nomad knows the drill: When applying for a digital nomad visa – or any residence visa – you gotta show proof of health insurance, usually good for 6 months to a year.

If you’re heading to Europe and you plan to live and work for months at a time in the Schengen Zone – the 27 European countries through which you can travel on a single visa – you won’t find a better pan-Schengen insurance option than AXA’s Schengen Insurance policy. You can structure it for weeks, months, even a year of full coverage. The policy is built specifically to meet Schengen visa rules, particularly those tied to digital-nomad visa applications.

I’ve used AXA myself when applying for Portugal’s D8 Digital Nomad visa. The cost for a full year of coverage for a family of three was ridiculously affordable and surprisingly comprehensive. By far the best option I’ve found…