All my fault really. I wasn’t paying attention. I clicked a link I thought was legit … and $523 worth of crypto drained from my wallet before I could even register what had just happened. That moment taught me the most valuable lesson in crypto: Always store your crypto assets on a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X.

With crypto hacks, wallet drains, and high-profile centralized exchange failures, the best offense is a defense that insures your cryptocurrencies and NFTs can never leave your wallet without your expressed consent.

And if you’re traveling the world as I do, there’s no better way to keep your crypto close at hand. Otherwise, you always harbor that nagging worry that your wealth might be vanishing in a crypto hack while you’re on a flight somewhere high above Kazakhstan. And, by the way, ALWAYS order directly from Ledger.com. It’s the only way to guarantee that no malevolent ass-hat has tampered with your Ledger.