The lazy-Susan spun just as I was ladling into my bowl some scalding hot egg-drop soup. We were at a farewell dinner in Guangzhou, China, having spent nearly a month in-country in the process of adopting our daughter. The tureen tipped the ladle so that the molten liquid bathed my entire hand, which instantly blistered and swelled. The host immediately ferried me to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The doctor looked at my hand, looked at my insurance, and said, “No problem!” She spread a bit of magical salve on the burns, wrapped it in gauze, took down my insurance info, and sent me on my way. 

Look, shit happens when you live, work, and travel abroad, and your hometown healthcare plan doesn’t always cover those accidents. Which is why for years I’ve called upon IMG Global when traveling outside my home country. Everywhere I’ve needed it, medical facilities have accepted it. It’s the affordable peace-of-mind you gotta have when you’re routinely on the road…