Obtain A Portuguese Residence Visa

Golden Visa: A so-called Residence-by-Investment program. Invest between €250,000 and €500,000 and you can obtain a residence visa. You only be to be in-country 7 days per year.

D7/Retirement Visa: For those who can prove passive income from pensions, Social Security, real estate, and dividends/interest of at least €705 per month for 2023, or €1,057.50 for a couple. Aimed at those who want to live in-country, because if you are out of Portugal for at least 6 consecutive months, the visa can be revoked. (Warning: Portugal is cracking down on digital nomads using a D7 since it’s meant for passive-income earners.)

D8/Digital Nomad Visa: For those who earn active income of at least €3,040 per month in 2023 from non-Portuguese sources. The 1-year visa option is for those who want to stay short-term; the 2-year option is for those who want to pursue citizenship and a passport after living in-country for five years.

If you want to pursue any of those options, fill in the form and I will have the visa experts I work with in Portugal contact you quickly.