Look, if you’re going to travel and you want to live that influencer lifestyle you see on Instagram and TikTok, you might as well flash the single best credit-card on the planet when checking into the cave pool suite at Cavo Tagoo on Mykonos or paying for those overhyped steaks at Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et eatery in Beverly Hills.

The perks packed into an Amex Platinum are too numerous to name. More than $1,100 in annual credits for purchases such as Uber, airline fees, and digital entertainment subscriptions. Airport lounge access all over the world (critical on long-haul layovers, or when you need to work before a flight). Insurance. Upgrades. Elite hotel status. Only thing this card doesn’t do it clean your Airbnb before check out.

Yeh, it’s a pricey piece of metal. But when you’re nomadic, the perks and benefits of Amex Platinum far outweigh the cost and more than cover the card’s annual fee.