My Czech landlord wanted her money. My salary, however, had been paid into my U.S. bank account instead of my new account in Prague. I was just a couple months into my life as a digital nomad and managing my bi-continental finances was going to shit quickly.

When you live in one country and a big part of your finances is in another, the ability to move money across borders – across continents – quickly and conveniently suddenly becomes of paramount importance. So, I give you Wise – the best, most-convenient, most-affordable money-transfer service I’ve found (and I’ve used so many!). With the Wise app on my iPhone, I can schedule a transfer between Europe and the U.S. – in about 90 seconds – and it’s complete a day or two later. I’ve yet to find a service that can compete with Wise. 

This account is a necessity for anyone who has financial obligations back home, but who also needs to pay for their life living and working abroad.