I’d heard “Please remove your shoes” one too many times while transiting security at London Heathrow. So, I went searching for the quintessential travel shoe: must slip on and off with no fuss; must be able to handle rainy Seattle streets and wet Thai beaches; and must look fashionable enough that I could pull off wearing them in a pinch to an impromptu interview.

I found Tropicfeel on Kickstarter and ordered two pairs of their original production. Now, I travel with one pair everywhere I go. Crazy comfy. So easy to zip through airport security. Look well-paired with nice pants and a button-down for dinner. I’ve worn these to play in the water on a rocky Croatian beach, and to meetings in Paris, Singapore, and Muscat, Oman.

Of course, you don’t have to buy black like me … Tropicfeel comes in all kinds of colors. Either way, you will not be disappointed. They’ll become your go-to travel shoe.