Our world’s a freakin’ mess. No two ways about it.

Wars. Massive debts across the West. Inflation. Deepening political hatred, even among citizens of the same country. The risk to wealth is greater now than any period since World War 2. So, I refuse to keep all my wealth in U.S. dollars or euros – or any national currency. Instead, I’ve stuffed some of my wealth into gold and silver bullion, bought and held at BullionStar, an offshore vault in Singapore.

Totally legal. Totally safe; Singapore’s laws and financial regulations are as strong as, if not stronger than the U.S. and Europe. I can buy and sell online, move money easily back into my bank account … and visit the vault when I’m traveling through Singapore and literally hold the gold & silver coins I own.

When you’re a digital nomad, or living and working abroad, having wealth in more than country is a security blanket. Shit goes south, at least some of your money is out of harm’s way…